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Miura Canada Co. Ltd., Brantford, Ontario, Canada is committed to our manufacturing operations, as they play a critical role in serving the requirements of our customers.

We own and operate state-of-the-art 50,000 sq-ft manufacturing facilities to provide our customers with the products they demand. Ongoing upgrades to our facilities, equipment and process improve productivity, safety and delivery schedules.

         To maintain our leadership position in the industries we serve, we utilize the concept of lean manufacturing processes and 5S. Miura’s Brantford Manufacturing facilities are supported by an experienced staff of design and manufacturing engineers capable of performing full scope, design work coupled with manufacturing integration on the shop floor. Development and implementation of our manufacturing capabilities has had the ongoing assistance of Miura Japan’s very highly trained and experienced engineers and manufacturing personnel.

         Miura Brantford has designed and fabricated thousands of ASME code pressure vessels and boilers for more than 25 years, we have been a major Boiler supplier to the North American Market.

         Miura is the holder of Certificate of Authorization “S”, “U” and “H” stamps from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. We have recently passed the honorable milestone of boiler serial number 3000. We also recorded National Board number 10,000 which are assigned to the pressure vessels we have manufactured.

         Miura’s Quality and Engineering staff is an integral part of the management team. QC and Engineering is involved in every aspect of the order, from specification review through all stages of manufacture and shipment. Our commitment to maintaining strict quality controls not only results in a superior product, but also minimizes costly delays and extra operating expense in our manufacturing.

         Further to the quality and manufacturing standards of the ASME Code we have a thorough and detail quality program including standard operating procedure at all levels of manufacturing including operator detailed process checklists.

         The documents contained in these manuals and procedures, control and assure all activities are performed in accordance with drawings and specifications, applicable codes and standards.

         Brantford’s product quality has advanced to what I would say is equal to the quality being produced in Japan. Our product quality has improved as a result of our Kaizen program of continual improvement. All our employees are involved and are rewarded for their contributions.

         The features of Miura boiler are well known in the industry, but it is our strength in our people and consistency that makes Brantford stand out as a world class manufacturing facility.

         Brantford prides itself in many challenges it has gone through over the years, and the last few years has seen the greatest challenges and changes. We absorbed the Miura motto: “Let’s make our company a very worthwhile place to work”, and we practice this every day.

         Team Canada is ready to support the rest of the Miura Team in the goal to be the number one boiler manufacturer in North America.

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