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EXW Series Hot-Water Boilers

Multiple water tube, Hot-water boiler. Miura’s Gas/Oil hot water boiler is a low water content, water tube design, which provides full output within 5 minutes.

  • Gas/Oil dual fuel burner
  • Up to 300BHP per boiler

ITEM EXW-100 GO EXW-200 GO EXW-250 GO EXW-300 GO
Boiler Type Multiple water tubes
Utilization Horsepower 100 BHP 200 BHP 250 BHP 300 BHP
Maximum Pressure 160 PSIG
Heat Output 3,348,000 BTU/HR 6,695,000 BTU/HR 8,369,000 BTU/HR 10,050,000 BTU/HR
Efficiency[1] 80% Gas / 82% Oil
Heating Surface Area 193 FT² 323 FT² 390 FT²
Operational Weight 5,400 LBS 9,600 LBS 14,200 LBS
Shipping Weight 4,700 LBS 8,400 LBS 12,900 LBS
Dimensions Given are Approximate
Width 82 in. 89 in. 90 in.
Length 93 in. 103 in.
Height 99 in. 120 in. 138 in.
Combustion Control Step modulation: Hi-Low-Off
Combustion System Proprietary Forced Draft
Ignition System Electric Spark Ignited, Interrupted Gas Pilot
Power Supply 230, 460, or 575 V, 3 PHASE, 60 HZ
Max. Electrical Consumption 11 KVA 21 KVA 27 KVA 27 KVA
Fuel Type[2] Natural Gas or Propane Gas
Gas Consumption[3] 4,170 SCFH 8,340 SCFH 10,420 SCFH 12,500 SCFH
Gas Supply Pressure 3-5 PSIG Natural Gas or Propane Gas
Main Water Outlet 4" 6" 8"
Main Water Inlet 4" 6" 8"
Safety Valve Outlet 2" 2 ½ in.
Fuel Gas Inlet 2" (Gas) - 3/4 (Oil) 2" (Gas) - 3/4" (Oil) 2 ½"(Gas) - 3⁄4 (Oil)
Manual Blowdown 1"
Chimney Diameter (ID) 14" 20" 26"
Flame Detector Ultraviolet Flame Eye Sensor
Overheat Protection Low Water Cut Off & Flow Switch
Max. Working Temperature 250°F
Full Water Content 85.5 GAL 140 GAL 148 GAL
Temperature Control Adjustable Temperature Controllers
No. 2 Oil 29.2 GAL/HR 58.3 GAL/HR 72.9 GAL/HR 87.5 GAL/HR


i. Fuel consumption is based on Natural Gas with a High heating value of 1,004 Btu/SCF.
ii. Efficiency is based on high heating values of fuels.
iii. Flue gas temperature and velocity calculated for natural gas with 100°F (40°C) feed water.
iv. Safety valve Outlet size may increase if set below 160 PSIG.

1. Thermal efficiencies are based on high heating values of fuels at 140°F supply temperature water.
2. UL and CGA/CSA approved for natural gas and propane.
3. Gas consumption based on natural gas with high heating value of 1004 BTU/SCF.

All Miura hot water boilers are fully packaged and test fired at the factory.

Built to meet or exceed UL and ASME standards in U.S.A.; CGA/CSA and B-51 standards in Canada.

What city is Miura Canada's factory located at? Unscramble letters for answer : (FRDBAROTN)

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