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Eco-friendly water treatment program that reduces chemical dependency and the cost of boiler operation.

  • Provide superior corrosion protection vs. conventional Sulfite-based water treatment.
  • Eliminates the element of time fom water treatment performance
  • Temperature neutral Silica water treatment strategy  enables low-temperature feed-water to maximize heat recovery through integrated feed-water economizer
  • Eliminates parasitic steam redirected from primary use to deaeration and thus increases overall system efficiency

Eco-Friendly Water Treatment

boilermate2 CopyThe main ingredient of Miura’s BOILERMATE® is Silicate, a corrosion inhibitor. Silicate is naturally-occurring material ideal for water treatment in Miura’s once-through boilers. Years of research and experience have shown that water tube corrosion can be controlled by balancing the amount of silicate in the water and the corrosive ions.

BOILERMATE® is environmentally-friendly and controls the corrosive ions without the need for additional harmful chemicals. This environmentally-friendly product supplements Miura’s other “green” benefits and provides our customers with the best possible water treatment. Miura will be manufacturing BOILERMATE® in its new U.S. headquarters and manufacturing facility located outside of Atlanta, Georgia as well as in Brantford, Ontario (Canada).

  • Empirical evidence has shown Silica to provide superior corrosion protection vs. conventional Suifite-based water treatment
  • Employing a protective Silica coating rather than initiating Sulfite scavaging eliminates the element of time from water treatment performance (key for fast-response boiler)
  • Temperature neutral Silica water treatment strategy enables low -temperature feed-water to maximize heat recovery through integrated feed-water economizer
  • Temperature neutral Silica water treatment eliminates parasitic steam redirected from primary use to deaeration and thus increases overall system efficiency
  • Empirical evidence  has shown that given sufficient management of pH within steam piping infrastructure, the potential damage from dissolved O2 can be managed managed with Amines alone in the absence of Sulfite down-stream of the boiler (Canada).


No Costly Deaerator Required!


BOILERMATE® users can greatly reduce the need to heat feed water, usually eliminating the need for an expensive Deaerator. This is a remarkable and unique advantage that saves money on costly equipment ‘extras’, while also reducing energy costs and conserving resources.

By operating the boiler at lower feed water temperatures, users will benefit substantially from improved overall efficiency, depending on the condition of their water.

  • Low feed water  temperature supply to boiler economizer (minimum140F) allows for low stack temperatures and only minimal steam injection to a stainless steel feed water tank which will give you significant cost savings.
  • Deaerators are classified as pressure vessels thereby requiring dedicated insurance, mandatory shutdowns & internal inspections often by the local safety authority and/or insurance inspector shut downs and extra costs.
  • Deaerators have precise internal components that frequently breakdown or malfunction, reducing them to expensive feed water tanks maintenance costs, performance issues. Stainless steel feed water tanks are virtually maintenance free and do not need to be inspected or shutdown.


Proven Performance. So Good, It's Guaranteed!

Used for many years in Japan, the BOILERMATE® silicate-based solution has been proven to substantially lower the rate of tube failure compared to traditional chemicals. In fact, BOILERMATE® is so good Miura guarantees the Pressure Vessel and Economizer against failure due to rust and corrosion*. 

Miura’s BOILERMATE® is just one more reason to “Think Green and Save Green” with Miura boilers.

Unmatched warranties Miura is so confident in our BOILERMATE® Silica, we provide comprehensive extended warranties for our boiler economizer and pressure vessel, when paired with our inspection maintenance service contract. Boilermate Silica and an approved water softening system for the life of the service contract. Miura will provide a no charge replacement economizer or pressure vessel if a failure occurs during our care.

*(Based on the condition of the customer’s water, usage, and facilities, tube failure may still be possible.) For MMP+ customers who use BOILERMATE®, Miura will repair or replace the Pressure Vessel and Economizer at no cost. Please contact your Miura Rep for more information.

bluearrow MI BOILERMATE® Controller for Intelligent Operation

boilermate4 Copy

Miura’s MI Controllers turn your boilers on and off (in Multiple Installation) according to load demands. Miura’s MI BOILERMATE® Controller works in conjunction with the MI Controller to intelligently regulate the pumping of chemicals based on boiler operation.

Smarter operation reduces chemical waste and associated costs. Competitors do not offer this option and since high or low amounts of their sulfites can lead to rust, corrosion, and worse… on-site monitoring/adjustments are critical… and costly.

bluearrow BOILERMATE® for Once-Through Boilers

boilermate5 Copy

Miura’s ‘once-through’ boilers produce steam in less than 5 minutes, an enormous advantage that saves money and conserves resources. Once-through boiler’s start fast and achieve steam quickly (in 1/10 of the time of a conventional fire/water tube boiler). Traditional Sulfite chemical water treatment needs time and added heat to activate with oxygen, and typically requires much longer preparation time (depending on water conditions and usage).

Miura’s BOILERMATE® uses Silicate that creates a film on the water tube surface and doesn’t need time to activate, making it more suitable for once-through boilers. BOILERMATE® is easier to use and helps to extend the life of the boiler.

bluearrowEliminate the Need for Costly Monthly Monitoring

Unlike traditional chemicals, BOILERMATE® doesn't require strict monthly on-site monitoring and adjustments by specialists.

Once the amount of injection is set, BOILERMATE® takes care of itself, due to the patented MI feed method.

Our Guarantee:
Use BOILERMATE® in conjunction with Miura's premium maintenance plan and we'll guarantee the pressure vessel against failure due to corrosion for the life of your boiler.

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