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Maintenance Contracts

Keep Your Miura Steam Boiler Running Efficient and Green:

Save Energy Costs, Reduce Wear-and-Tear, Extend Boiler Life


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  • Monthly Water Sampling Report*
  • Regularly Scheduled Inspections*
  • Free Parts / Labor* on Most Items
  • Colormetry® Hardness Monitor
  • BOILERMATE® Eco-Friendly Solution**
  • Pressure Vessel Guarantee**

* Regular Inspection and Labor Guarantee is not covered on all contracts.
Please consult your Miura Rep for details.

** Only for MMP+

Maintenance Makes the Difference

A well-maintained Miura boiler provides the highest efficiency throughout the life of the system and protects this important investment.

Maintenance is an essential part of keeping your Miura boiler running like the day you bought it. From water analysis, to online support systems, to overall efficiency, Miura boiler maintenance ensures that you’ll reduce down time while saving energy costs. Plus, most parts are covered and emergency service is available should you need it.


maint mmc


maint mmrc

* Regular Inspection and Labor Guarantee not covered with the MMRC/MMRP plan. Please consult your Miura Rep for details.
** Only for MMRC

Water Sampling Made Easy

Miura’s MMRC/MMRP’s customers can simply mail a small sample of water to Miura’s U.S. or Canadian factories each month. Miura will analyze the water and furnish the customer with a thorough monthly report. Customer can avoid expensive on-site maintenance costs and ensure that their system continues to function at peak efficiency.


 watersample mmc


watersample mmrc

Regular Inspections Matter

Let highly trained and skilled inspection personnel protect your Miura steam boiler by anticipating and preventing problems before they arise.
Regular inspections can anticipate and correct situations before they become problems. By inspecting water conditions, combustion conditions, water tube scale / corrosion, pressure vessel, burner ancillaries, boiler components / settings, parts renewal, and providing an overall safety check, your Miura boiler will continue to operate at peak performance.
Water Tube Inspection

Water Condition Inspection
* Regular Inspection and Labor Guarantee not covered with the MMRC/MMRP plan.
Please consult your Miura Rep for details.
MOM (Miura Online Maintenance)

Monthly Report Samples



  • Speeds maintenance diagnosing fault conditions
  • Alerts maintenance staff to warnings before they become problems
  • Provides monthly reports
  • Ships with every boiler
    – requires only 1 analog phone line PER SYSTEM
Alarm Record

Miura's Guarantee

By choosing Miura’s MMC, MMIP, MMRC or MMRP maintenance & inspection program, you’ll be making a wise decision assuring worry-free boiler operation. We guarantee it.
Our guarantee covers most parts and labor costs, as well as guaranteeing the Pressure Vessel (with the MMC/MMRC program only) against corrosion. By selecting our maintenance & inspection program, you enlist Miura’s expert stewardship over the long-term reliable and efficient operation of your boilers.

Pressure Vessel    Economizer

Only for MMC, MMRC

Guaranteed Parts

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