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MOM (Miura Online Monitoring)

The Miura Online Maintenance(MOM) system monitors your boiler operating conditions for
easy troubleshooting should any problem arise.

The MOM system works with the BL Controller and XJ-1 on your boiler to allow online
communication from your boiler right to our office.




  • Every Branch Office in North America is notified for all boiler incidents. An email notification is sent to Field Technicians if the same incident occurs three times within 24 hours.
  • Ships with every boiler – requires only 1 phone line PER SYSTEM
  • Speeds maintenance by diagnosing fault conditions
  • Alerts maintenance staff to warnings before they become problems
  • System comes equipped with a 5 second snapshot before the alarm occurs
  • Provides Monthly Reports that includes:

    Produced Steam Quantity
    Boiler Operation Condition
    Fault History
    Alarm Control
    Caution History
    Scale Monitor Graph
    Thermal Control and Maintenance Data
    Calculated Fuel Consumption
    and More...

Alarm Analysis


31 Days Data


10 Day Event Record


Heat Management Data


Model Data Setting



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